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There are all sorts of lawn tractors on the market today. They are an advanced form of a lawn mower traditionally used for residential lawns. In addition to being able to trim grass, lawn tractors can collect the clippings and various attachments can be placed on the front to convert the tractor into a snowplow, a dozer and much more.

Husqvarna YTH2042
Husqvarna lawn tractor20 HP Briggs & Stratton engine
Hydrostatic transmission

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Husqvarna YTH2042

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Why to buy a lawn tractor:

There are some amazing advantages to owning a lawn tractor and to make sure you get the most out of one, you need to find the best lawn tractor. Especially when you have a lawn that is larger than 1 acre, riding is going to be a lot easier than pushing. You can get your lawn mowed in an expert way in a faster fashion so that you can get on with the other things that need to be done throughout the day.

But what makes a lawn tractor a better choice over zero turn mowers and riding movers is the ability to accommodate a small cart and other lightweight attachments. This makes it easy to carry small loads around and to help you with seeding and fertilizing. A hopper can easily be added to the back so that you can seed and fertilize as you drive around your property.

You also want to consider a lawn tractor over a zero turn mower when you have hills, as front engine, larger back wheels and wheel steer system make lawn tractor more stable on hills than a zero turn mower. And it must be #1 priority that you can go back and forth across your property without taking any risks.


Size and WeightTransmissionDeckClippings managementComfortSafety
The size can vary drastically in terms of the overall weight and the engine size. Heavier models with more powerful engines are always a better option as they easily ride through dense and high grass, and can accommodate heavier attachments. The drawback of choosing the larger machine results in higher price and more storage space.
Transmission can be hydrostatic or manual. The manual transmissions, just like a car, require you to shift, which can be an added stress when you are trying to get around your property in a timely manner. If you are not used to a manual, it can also result in a stalled engine. The hydrostatic transmission is similar to that of an automatic where you have continuous speed that adjusts based upon how much you are bearing down on the pedal. On some models, you can even find cruise control so that you can maintain the same speed no matter what.
It’s important to consider the transmission as you look for the best lawn tractor. For example, a manual model is going to be more affordable, but the hydrostatic still will be a better investment as you won’t have to change gears manually. This means that the gears and the pedals will actually last longer, preventing you from having to get a repair in a few years. Hydrostatic transmissions are available with pedal or lever, though the pedal is generally more common and user-friendly.
Deck size varies for lawn tractors in range from 30 to 54’’. The smaller deck is better for properties not larger than 1 acre with numerous obstructions like trees, swings or flower beds. Don’t forget that size of the deck ultimately determine how many passes you have to make across your property, thus how fast you will finish your mowing task. Decks also can differ in positioning. It can be located under the lawn tractor or closer toward the front. Front position of the deck makes it more visible for more precise cutting around obstacle. The last but not the list decks can differ by the make. There are stamped and welded decks. The last is always a better choice as it’s more durable.
Clippings management can include mulching, bagging or side discharge. Side discharge is usually initially included with the lawn tractor while bagging and mulching kits are sold separately. It’s totally up to your taste what kind of clippings management to choose, though, always go with the same brand kits to avoid incompatibility problems.
Comfort needs to be something to look at as well. Do you have a comfortable seat? Is there a cup holder? Is the steering wheel over-molded? Depending on the size of your property, you may be on a tractor for an hour or two, so the comfort issue also comes in to the priority. Other features that can enhance your comfort include cruise control, protection from sun, quietness of motor operation and softness of suspension. It’s all little things, which make a big difference in mowing experience..
Safety features that you rather want to have in your tractor include a locked ignition, a blade brake, and a roll-over protection. A locked ignition will prevent children from starting an engine of the lawn tractor. A blade break clutch will help to avoid injuries from sharp blades. And roll-over protection can even save your life, as turning over is a pretty common problem with tractors, especially if you use them on slopes.

Brands of Lawn Tractors

HusqvarnaCub CadetCraftsmanSnapperJohn DeereToroKubotaSimplicityHuskee
For the best garden tractor on the market, check out Husqvarna. The Swedish company is the world’s largest and most trusted producer of outdoor power equipment and products. The well known company was originally founded in the seventeenth century as a weapons foundry, but has evolved with the times to become a universally recognized source for high-quality equipment.

Look no further than Husqvarna’s sleek blue emblem of royal patronage for the best garden tractor for the money.
Husqvarna has quickly grown to be one of the top brands and for good reason. It is not only affordable but also well-designed. In comparison to the other brands that have been mentioned, it provides the most features for the lowest price, thus delivering an exceptional amount of value.

Cub Cadet, founded in 1960, is a company that has become known for tractors built to provide high dependability. Cub Cadet tractors are also built to last with a rugged construction design. Garden tractors from Cub Cadet are easily distinguishable by their bright yellow hues and heavy-duty designs. The company specializes in outdoor equipment such as garden and lawn tractors, as well as other equipment built for making yard work easier, such as garden tillers, snow throwers and utility vehicles.
Founded in the 1920s, the Craftsman Company was developed with hardworking farmers in mind. Designed to accommodate a wide variety of budgets, Craftsman offers a “good, better, best” pricing option that allows consumers to pick the level of product that fits individual needs and price points. Craftsman garden tractors are emblazoned with the bold Craftsman title and come in a wide variety of colors and size. It’s easy to pick the level that’s right for each individual’s needs and budget.Craftsman is only sold at Sears and is one of the pricier options. They have a great warranty and finding parts is simple, but the variety can also be limited.

A Snapper garden tractor is hard to miss in its flashy red paint. Snapper was initiated over one hundred years ago and is known for products that are easy to use as well as to own. The company offers a huge variety and selection of outdoor products and has one of the widest selections available to ensure the perfect fit for anyone. Snapper products are streamlined and designed to be easy to use for the everyday consumer.
Snapper lawn tractors are affordable and are designed for rough terrain.

Over one hundred and fifty years old, John Deere is nationally and globally recognized as a producer of high-quality tractors. The company’s leaping deer logo is internationally known, and the classic green and yellow colors tell the world it’s a John Deere tractor. The company’s founders believed in solid core values like integrity, quality, commitment and innovation, a tradition that is still embraced to this day. John Deere offers everything from residential garden tractors to full-scale agricultural tractors.
John Deere has all sorts of lawn tractor models, mostly in upper price range due to their durability and reliability.
Toro is celebrating its one hundredth anniversary this year, and in that time has become a well-known source for yard equipment. The company’s initiative is to develop products that are both innovative and responsible. Toro is dedicated to corporate responsibility in the form of advanced work in sustainable living. Biofuel and water-saving technology are just a few examples of the work Toro has done to further sustainable living. Toro is also recognized as the global leader landscape and turf maintenance.
Toro has various lawn tractors options in today’s market. They are built tough but prices affordably, what makes them a popular choice among customers.
While many of the best garden tractor companies were founded in the United States, Kubota originally came from Japan and was imported to the United States before the Kubota Tractor Corporation was finally founded in Canada in the 1970s. Kubota has tractor companies all over the world, an indication of the success the company has enjoyed over the years. The Kubota company endeavors to fulfill the need for powerful maneuverability and high performance in its lawn and garden products
Simplicity company has stood the test of time for nearly one hundred years in spite of many changes in organization and leadership. Simplicity tractors have been sold in a variety of stores under many different brands. A Simplicity garden tractor can be recognized by its bright vermilion coloring. The company offers a wide assortment of attachments for its garden tractors, and warns that consumers may get a little attached themselves to the company’s products. Simplicity tractors feature a trademarked Free Floating mowing deck, a design feature that separates the company’s products from the rest of the competition.

Huskee garden tractor, owned by Modern Tool and Die, has developed a reputation for being a great deal for the price. This tractor shines as a low-price option that is designed to last through the years and keep on performing year after year. Consumers love the great bargain of this light-weight garden tractor and find it one of the best garden tractors for the amount of money spent. These garden tractors are an excellent entry-level choice for the beginner and expert alike.

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